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First Date (fiction)

Elizabeth woke up gradually. First thing she became aware of, was how sore her body was. It ached in places she didn’t know existed. She then noticed there was someone sleeping beside her, butt pressed up against butt. Then she realized the dire need to urinate was what had awakened her.

She got out of bed, a little startled to notice she was completely naked. She never slept naked. She looked around, and spotted the door to the attached bathroom, and hurried inside.

She flipped the light on, and pulled the door closed. She took care of business, and stood up. She caught a look of herself in the mirror. Her hair was a mess, the curls standing out every way possible. She noticed the breasts that had lost the war on the gravity, the laugh lines around her eyes. She noticed the signs of her middle age.

But she noticed something different, an aura of sexuality. The memories came flooding back to her. Meeting Chris last night, the fun conversation at dinner, the drive to his house, the kiss that burned like the sun, the sex. Oh, my god….the sex. She blushed, remembering how he had teased and pleased her.

She had met Chris online, on an app that was supposed to be anonymous. She had vented about being stood up for a date, and he had private messaged her. He was intelligent, and funny. He made her laugh. He flirted with her, making her feel desirable. After being blown off, that was a balm to her wounded soul.

They didn’t exchange pictures right away, she didn’t want to know what he looked like. And she didn’t want him to see her. But after weeks of conversation, she gave in and sent him some of her. The silence after sending sent her in panic. She assumed he saw them, and left. She was disappointed, but resigned.

An hour later, he reappeared, and apologized. His dog had knocked over a glass, and broke it, and it had to be cleaned up. He complimented her pictures, said she was gorgeous. And replied with pictures of his own.

They hadn’t discussed age before, but it was glaringly obvious he was much younger than she was. She asked his age, he was 30 to her 45. Her heart sank. He was 15 years younger. Somehow, the age difference changed everything to her.

But it didn’t matter to him. The flirting increased. The chat became more sexual. The texting turned into phone calls. The calls became very sexual. She would lay on her bed, and please herself while talking to him.

Then he suggested meeting. She was hesitant, she didn’t want to ruin the enjoyment she had with him. But she was curious to meet him, he had caused a dramatic change to her life. She had gone from being so straight laced, to learning to enjoy her own body. She agreed to meet him.

She dressed in an aqua colored top that showed off her cleavage, it was amazing what a push up bra could accomplish. She was wearing a short, black skirt that showed off her legs, and a pair of short heels. Her long auburn curls fell loose down her back.

She felt slightly ridiculous. She half expected to get stood up again. She sat on the bench next to the entrance, waiting. He had wanted to pick her up, but she didn’t want him knowing where she lived. He was late. Her phone rang, it was him. She waited for the excuse. He said, “I’m driving, so can’t talk, but I’m on my way. Please don’t leave.” And hung up.

So, she sat there, feeling uncomfortable. Minutes passed. She played on her phone, and got engrossed in a conversation on Twitter. She forgot where she was. She heard someone clear their throat, and looked up. It was Chris.

He was tall, over 6 foot. He had light brown hair, and surprisingly green eyes. And he was  in his formal dress, military uniform. Her heart stopped. He was gorgeous. He had a smile on his face, and was holding a small bouquet of what appeared to be home grown roses with the stems wrapped in aluminum foil.

He held out his other hand to her, she slipped her hand in his, and stood up. She felt a faint shock, like an electrical charge jumped from his hand to hers. She just looked at their hands, not wanting to move.

She looked up his face again. He was easily a foot taller than she was. He looked at her, and  smiled. She couldn’t stop the smile that appeared on her face.

He held out the roses to her. She took them in her other hand, and held them up to her nose. Her curls fell forward against her cheek. He used his free hand to brush them back, and tuck them behind her ear. Then he touched her cheek, the lightest, most gentle touch.

Chris said, “I’m sorry that I’m late, my meeting with my bosses took longer than expected. I didn’t have time to change, but I wanted to make sure I got the roses for you. I didn’t have time for a visit to the florist.”

Elizabeth looked at him in surprise. “So, where did you get these? They smell heavenly.”

Chris said, “I grow them. Gardening is a good stress relief. I learned from my mom to wrap the stems with wet paper towels, and the aluminum foil to keep them fresh.”

Elizabeth realized her hand was still in his. He didn’t seem to eager to let it loose. She reluctantly pulled her hand out of his. “Don’t you think we should go inside?”

He agreed, and they went inside, and were seated at a booth in the corner. The restaurant wasn’t busy since it was past the dinner hour. So they were tucked away from everyone else.

Elizabeth felt suddenly shy. She could talk online, and on the phone with no problem, but in person, it wasn’t so easy. She looked at him, and he was looking at her. His eyes were a mossy, green color. He had a crooked smile with one dimple. She couldn’t help by smile at him. That smile made her feel at ease, and the conversation flowed.

He flirted with her, and she flirted back. She wasn’t sexually inexperienced, but she hadn’t had any recent experiences. He teased her. He made her laugh. She caught him starring at her cleavage, and she leaned forward to give him a better look.

When she realized what she was doing, she blushed, and sat back in the booth. Then she excused herself, and went to the restroom. She looked in the mirror, and almost didn’t recognize herself. It was her, but it was as if some flirty, sexy woman had taken over her body. She just laughed, readjusted her breasts in the push up bra, and walked back to the table. She didn’t even notice the males watching her as she walked past them. But Chris did.

When she got to the table, it had been mostly cleared off, and a tip was sitting on the table. She sat down, and looked at Chris. Was their night going to end there?

He excused himself to go to the restroom. She picked up the roses, and smelled them again. Each rose was different, and had it’s own scent. She wondered if he was doing a dine, and dash. Making the excuse to go the restroom, and leave. The server walked to the table, and asked if she’d like a refill, she said no. Then Elizabeth asked about the bill, the server said it had been paid already. Well, at least he didn’t ditch her with the bill.

Elizabeth wondered how long she should wait. It seemed like it was taking him a long time. But then he appeared, and looked angry. She asked him why.

He had been on the phone with his ex wife.She had somehow found out that he was on a date, and was trying to ruin it. He said he had told her to mind her own business, told her if she needed to contact him, she had to go through his attorney. Then he blocked her number.

Chris stood up, and held out his hand to her. She slipped her hand into his, and he helped her up. They walked to the door together, his hand at her waist. He made it obvious that this was a date. Elizabeth noticed the glances of the people they passed.

When they got outside, Elizabeth felt awkward. She didn’t know what to do. Chris leaned down and kissed her. It was more than a peck. The kiss was hinting at much more to come. When he stepped back, she looked into his eyes. She could see the desire in them. She knew their first date was not over yet.



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A Beautiful Goodbye (fiction)

It was a hot, summer evening on the boardwalk. The seagulls were circling, hoping to find, or steal, some treats from the beach goers. The waves crashed on the shore.

The boardwalk was crowded. Ron was bored. He had come with his friend with benefits, Diane. They usually didn’t go out together in public. Diane was married. Her husband knew about him, but he asked that she would be discreet. But, today, Diane wanted to be by the ocean. He was in the coast guard, so he was always near the water.

He was 30, tall, and had been told he was good looking, in a quirky sort of way. Diane was 50, short and chubby. She wasn’t the sort of woman he was usually attracted to, at all. But he met her online. He was drawn to her personality. He was attracted to her sexuality. She loved sex, she loved talking about sex. She was honest, and straight forward.

Diane had wandered away from him when she spotted a beagle. If she had one thing that captured her attention, it was a dog. A beagle was her kryptonite. He spotted her squatting down, petting the dog. She had a big smile on her face. That smile made her beautiful. Her green eyes lit up. Her long hair moved in the sea breeze. She raised her hand to brush it back, and at that moment, the beagle put his paws on her shoulder, and threw her off balance.

She landed with a thump on her butt. She looked stunned for a moment, then burst out laughing. The dog owner helped her up. His hand hand rested on her waist. Ron quit observing. He hurried to Diane’s side. He stepped between her, and the man. He made it clear that she was with him.

The dog owner looked regretful, he apologized and walked away. Diane watched for a moment, then looked at Ron with a puzzled look. He was acting possessive, he had never done that before.

Ron’s blue eyes met her green eyes. He had an intense expression on his face. He looked rather shocked. Somehow, in the last few minutes, he discovered that he was in love with Diane. He loved this woman who belonged to someone else. He had always been ok with her being married. He was fine with the sex only arrangement. He enjoyed her company. He enjoyed pleasuring her, and making her orgasm. He enjoyed her pleasing him.

“Ron, are you ok? You look kind of weird.” Diane asked again. He was still silent. How did he tell her that he loved her? What good would it do? She would never leave her husband.

He stepped toward her, he wound his hand in her hair, and pulled her towards him. He leaned down, and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his waist, and gave herself up to the kiss. The kiss was passionate. They both lost track of the fact that they were in public. They didn’t notice the curious looks, or the people wondering what was going on with such a mismatched couple.

Someone walked by, and said, “Get a room!” They broke the kiss, but stayed touching. Her hand came up, and caressed his face. He looked down at her. He noticed the wrinkles, the laugh lines around her eyes. He noticed the green eyes looking at him on wonder. He took a breath, then said the scariest thing ever in his life. “Diane, I love you.”

He watched as her eyes widened in shock. Then a slow smile lit up her face again. “Ron, I love you. But, you know I can’t…” He kissed her again. He didn’t want her to finish the sentence. He had just changed the rules of engagement. Things would never be the same again.

She broke the kiss. And turned around. He wrapped his arms around her. They stood there in silence, watching the waves rolling in. The sun on their backs. People walking around them. He rested his chin on her hair. His arm was resting on her breast. He felt water hit it. He looked up, expecting to see a rain cloud, but the sky was clear. He realized it was tears.

He turned her around to face him. There was tears in her eyes, and sliding down her cheeks. He cupped her face, and used his thumbs to wipe the tears away. She sobbed, wrapped her arms around his waist again, and rested her cheek on his chest.

He could feel his heart breaking. She was going to leave him. She had told him from the beginning to not fall in love with her. He had laughed it off then. He could not have imagined falling for a woman old enough to be his mother. She had been serious though. Their arrangement had only been for sex, and companionship. She loved her husband, but he couldn’t keep up with her anymore, and let her get her pleasure elsewhere. His only stipulation was that she could not get attached.

He had no idea how long they stayed there like that, arms around each other. The sun was sinking lower. The shadows getting longer. Diane stopped crying, just holding him tight. The day she had been dreading had finally arrived. She had to say goodbye.

She stepped back, reached up, and caressed his face one last time. She stood on her tip toes, and kissed his lips. “I love you, Ron. I always will, but I have to go.” She turned, and walked away from him.

He watched her walk away. He wanted to beg her to stay, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t say a word. He had always known there was no future in their relationship, all they had was the present. And, now, that was in the past. He didn’t even notice the tear that ran down his cheek as he watched her turn the corner, and disappear from his life.

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An Awakening (fiction)

Cora wiped the sweat off of her brow with a bandana. She looked around, the jungle was starting to resemble a yard again. She noticed movement off to the side. It was Jordan, her sort of roommate.

Jordan came bouncing in the back gate. She always seemed to be happy, even when she was covered in sweat, and grime from working in the yard. But today, she was wearing a turquoise sundress with spaghetti straps, and a pair of while sandals. She looked beautiful.

Cora felt an odd flutter in her stomach. For some reason, she was reacting to Jordan looking so gorgeous. She looked away, her face turning even more pink than it already was from the heat. She didn’t know what was wrong with her.

Jordan spotted Cora, and hurried over to her. She squealed, and hugged Cora. Cora stood still for a moment, and then hugged Jordan back. Their breasts were rubbing together. Cora’s heart stopped, she didn’t want to let go. But Jordan broke the hug. She was grinning from ear to ear.

Jordan was happy. She had just been informed that a person had dropped out of the college class she wanted, and she was the next on the waiting list. She needed the class for her major, so she was ecstatic.

Cora just listened to Jordan going on about how lucky she was, and smiled. She noticed how the sun highlighted the copper hints in Jordan’s hair. How her green eyes sparkled. She noticed Jordan’s nipples poking against the thin fabric of the sundress.

Cora mentally shook herself, and looked at Jordan’s face.  And she finally noticed that Jordan had gone silent, and was intently studying Cora’s face. Cora blushed. She was a 38 year old virgin, and she was checking out a 21 year old’s perky nipples.

They stood there in silence. Cora in embarrassment, and Jordan with speculation. Cora turned away, and started walking towards the house. She walked up the deck steps, and went inside. Jordan stood there.

Cora went to the bathroom, and turned on the shower. She stripped off her dirty, sweaty clothes, and stepped into the shower. She leaned her forehead on the shower wall, and let the spray wash over her. She started to cry.

For the first time in her life, she felt a sexual attraction so strong, it made her knees weak. She was attracted to a girl almost half her age. She was attracted to her friend’s niece.

Cora had promised Jeanine that she would watch over Jordan, and keep her safe. She was giving Jordan free room, and board in exchange for Jordan helping her get the house Cora had inherited ready to sell.

Cora washed, and conditioned her hair. All the while picturing Jordan in that damn dress. She pictured those nipples, and wanted to touch them. She wanted to suck on them, and make them hard. Cora slapped her forehead. What was wrong with her? She was lusting over a girl.

Cora had never really defined her sexuality. She was never really interested in anyone before. For the last few years, she had taken care of her elderly aunt. Before that, she had worked towards getting degrees, and never had a social life.

Cora lathered up her bath sponge, and soaped her body. Her own nipples got hard at the memory of seeing Jordan. Cora’s hand slipped between her thighs,  found her clit, and she leaned against the wall, pleasuring herself.

She was so intent on the pleasure, and the memory, she didn’t hear the door open. She didn’t notice the shower curtain move. Jordan stood there, watching the sight of Cora, and the pleasure on her face.

Jordan removed the sundress, and her panties, and left them on the floor. Cora opened her eyes to the sight of Jordan stepping into the shower. She didn’t move. She watched the water cascading down Jordan’s body. Her nipples were fully erect.

Neither woman said anything. Neither woman moved. Then Jordan stepped forward. She touched Cora’s face, her face leaning forward. Jordan kissed Cora, she pressed against Cora’s body. Jordan’s hand was on the back of Cora’s head, pulling her closer. Their tongues, teased, and danced.

Cora’s hand came up, and cupped Jordan’s breast. Her thumb rubbed the hard nipple. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She moaned.

Jordan kissed her again, playfully biting Cora’s lip. Then she moved to Cora’s neck, and kissed it. Cora’s knees almost gave out.

The water had started to cool. Cora rinsed off, and they both stepped out of the shower. They toweled each other off. Cora was fascinated by Jordan’s firm body. She tried hiding her own close to middle aged body, but Jordan wouldn’t let her.

They stood facing each other. Cora was holding the towel in front of herself. Jordan reached out, and tugged it out of Cora’s hands. She touched Cora’s face, and for the first time, spoke. She told Cora that she was a beautiful woman, and she should never hide that.

Cora looked into those emerald green eyes, and knew her life was never going to be the same again. She took Jordan’s hand, and led her to the bedroom. That sweet, old fashioned bedroom that would fit a virgin. But Cora knew she was not going to be a virgin any longer.



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Storm Warning (fiction)

She stood on the boardwalk, staring at the storm tossed sea. The waves crashing on the shore. The rain stinging her face, mingling with her tears. She was all alone in the predawn hour.

She gave her all to him, and he threw it away. He lied, and led her on. He made promises he never had any intention of keeping. She would never understand why.

The wind buffeted her body. Whipping her hair around her face. She just braced herself, and faced the ocean. She felt the onslaught of the storm. She didn’t care that there was lightning flashing around her. She secretly hoped one would strike, and end her misery.

Her heart physically hurt. She had no idea how painful heartache could be. She sobbed. She cried for the loss of her dreams.  She cried from the crushing blow of betrayal.

She cried, and let the tears flow. She grieved for what she had hoped. The sadness passed. Anger took its place. Rage entered in. She screamed, and let it flow from her. Her voice was muffled by the storm, but she didn’t care. She vented, and she yelled.

“How could you? Why did you treat me that way? All I did was love you. I gave you my heart, and you broke it! Why? Did it make you feel like more of a man? I want to know.”

She continued to cry, and to rage. Her words swept away by the winds. She cried until she had no more tears left. Her voice was hoarse.

Her crying ceased. Her breathing calmed. The winds had died down. The rain had stopped. Through a break in the clouds, the morning sun shone through.

She felt peace. She felt renewed. She let go of the anger, and the hurt. She had been bruised, and damaged, but she survived. Today was a new day, and she was going to face it with strength, and move on.

fiction, short story

Unexpected (fiction)

Molly was bored. She got stood up by her so called friends who decided to go to a club instead of meeting her at the boardwalk. She had been people watching for over an hour now. She had seen every body type imaginable, a few that even defied the laws of physics. She involuntarily shuddered.

Her long was pulled through the hole in the back of her baseball cap, but the long tendrils still managed to tease her face. She took her cap off, braided her thick hair, and put the braid through the hole. That was better.

She looked up, and saw a woman watching her. Molly rarely dressed up, and today she was wearing her faded blue jeans, her Dolphins t-shirt and her Dolphins cap. Molly wondered if the woman was staring at her because of the team gear. Molly just smiled at her, and then looked away.

But then her curiosity made her look back. The woman was literally voluptuous. She was curvy. She had blond curls that cascaded down her back. The breeze was teasing the curls, and blowing them around. She was still watching Molly.

The look on the other woman’s face was surprising. She was looking at Molly like a dog eyes a bone. Molly could recognize lust in a man’s eyes, but this was the first time she had experienced it from a woman. And she realized she liked it. She felt a surge of lust hit her own nether regions, and shifted on the bench.

Molly wasn’t sure what to do. She wanted to approach the woman, but was suddenly afraid to. They still held eye contact. The obvious look of desire in the woman’s eye’s made Molly’s nipples tighten. She could feel them pressing against the cotton of t-shirt. It had to be obvious to anyone looking at her. And the blonde was certainly looking.

Her lips curved into a smile, and she walked towards Molly. She looked down at Molly’s chest, then up at Molly’s eyes. “Does that mean you’re happy to see me?” And then, she laughed. She said, “My name is Dana. I couldn’t help but feel I was getting vibes off of you, and wanted to introduce myself.”

Molly was speechless for half a minute. Then she responded with her name. Dana held her hand out, and asked if Molly wanted to walk down the boardwalk. Molly took her hand, and Dana pulled her up. Molly tripped as she was rising up, and she stumbled. She bumped into Dana’s chest, and froze. Her face flushed a bright red. She looked into Dana’s eyes, and then everything else disappeared. All she could see were those sky blue eyes.

Dana touched Molly’s face, and her eyes were questioning. Molly unconsciously licked her lips. That was all the encouragement Dana needed. She had to lean down since Molly was a bit shorter, and she kissed her. Molly responded by pressing her body closer to Dana. Her nipples were now as hard as rocks.

Molly’s hand went to the back of Dana’s head. Her fingers tangled in the curls. Dana tasted like peppermint, and smelled like roses. Molly couldn’t get enough.

A group of guys walked by, and their catcalls and whistles broke the spell. Molly and Dana both looked dazed. Neither of them was sure what had just happened.

They were still facing each other, just inches apart. Neither of them said a word. Heavy breathing was obvious in both of them. Molly stood still, she wanted to make a move, but Dana had taken the lead so far.

Dana bit her lip. She looked as if she wanted to say something, but she was afraid to. Molly waited. Dana took a deep breath. Molly couldn’t help, but look at her magnificent cleavage. She got distracted for a moment. Dana cleared her throat, and laughed when Molly looked up with a guilty face.

Dana smiled. She said, “I was going to ask you to come back to my room with me, but I don’t want to rush things. Will you have dinner with me, and see how things go?”

Molly would have said yes to going to the room, but she didn’t want to rush things either. She agreed to dinner. They bickered for a moment over where, then picked a little hole in the wall place a few blocks away. They decided to walk.

Molly had a feeling there wouldn’t be a very long meal. They were both interested in the same thing, and it wasn’t food. Molly suddenly had an attack of shyness. She needed to be upfront with Dana. So she stopped walking.

Dana looked at her with a puzzled expression. Molly didn’t know what to say, or how to say it. So she just blurted out that she was a virgin, and had no clue what she was doing, or how to proceed.

Dana smiled, and took Molly’s hands in hers. She told Molly that she was experienced enough for the both of them, and it would be her pleasure to teach Molly. She looked behind Molly, and smiled again. “Um, decision time. Do you still want to go to dinner, or we can step inside, go to my room, and order pizza?

Molly turned around, and realized they were standing in front of a hotel. She looked into Dana’s eyes. And Molly knew that dinner was going to be pizza in a hotel room that night.

fiction, short story

Stay With Me (fiction)

Candy was in a bar. It was not her usual thing. She had somehow gotten conned into bringing her friend. And her “friend” had promptly hooked up with some guy, and bailed on her. She wanted to leave, but her pride wasn’t going to let her blow the money it cost for the cover charge.

Sammy Hagar’s, Mas Tequila came on. She just gave in to the moment, and went on the dance floor by herself. She lost herself in the music, and danced. She noticed a slim, red headed woman moving closer to her. She locked eyes with the red head. She forgot to breathe for a moment. What beautiful hazel eyes. And that smile…

The red head danced with her. Never breaking eye contact. Candy couldn’t have looked away if she wanted to. She was mesmerized. The fiery red curls looked like molten gold.

The song stopped, and some of the people drifted off the dance floor. Candy just stood there looking at woman in front of her. The DJ came on. He said, “I have a special request by my friend, Red. Here’s to you, and the lucky woman you’re with.”

Candy was shocked to see the red head smile widely at the DJ, and give him a thumbs up. Apparently the red head was known as Red. And she requested a song to be played for her. That song was Sam Smith’s, Stay With Me.

The music started. Red opened her arms. Candy stepped into them. She put her arms around Red’s neck. Red’s arms wrapped around Candy’s waist. They were pressed against each other.

Candy had never imagined how erotic it was to be dancing so closely with a woman. Her nipples hardened from rubbing against Red. She was aroused.

Red’s thumb rubbed against Candy’s nipple. Candy moaned. Her body was reacting in ways she never imagined. She had never been interested in sex before. She was still a virgin at 23. And she was beginning to understand why.

The song ended, and another slow song came on. It was Boyz II Men’s, I’ll Make Love To You. Candy looked into Red’s eyes. She could see the desire there. Candy put her hand on the side of Red’s face. She leaned in, and kissed Red. They stopped dancing, and kissed.

Candy was hesitant at first, she had never kissed a woman before. But none of it mattered. When their lips met, the world ceased to exist. The kiss became passionate.

The music ended. The DJ announced he was taking a quick break, and put on some techno music. Candy and Red stood there looking at each other. They had not spoken one word, but had just shared a rather hot, and steamy kiss.

Red finally spoke. She said, “Come on.” and grabbed Candy’s hand, and pulled her towards the door. They stepped out of the club. The air was hot, and heavy with humidity. Candy watched in fascination as Red’s curls seemed to spring up with the humidity.

Red self consciously touched her hair. She suddenly seemed shy. Candy reached her hand out, and tucked a curl behind Red’s ear. Red smiled. She laughed, and all at once, seemed at ease again.

“I guess we should introduce ourselves. My name is Melissa, but my friends call me Red.” She stuck her hand out. Candy looked at it for a second, then took it in hers. She didn’t shake it, she held it. She looked into Red’s eyes, and said, “My name is Candy, and unfortunately, it’s not a nick name.”

They stood there, looking into each others eyes. Neither seemed to know what to do next. They still had their hands clasped. Then they both spoke at the same time, and then laughed.

Candy said, “You go first.” Red suggested they walk towards the boardwalk, and stop in the one of the restaurants along the way. They started walking, and holding hands as they went.

In the space of an hour, Candy’s life changed. She didn’t know where things would go with Red, but a whole new world opened up for her. Things started to make sense to her. And she somehow knew she wasn’t going to be a virgin for much longer.

fiction, short story

The Last Dance (fiction)

Tanya felt out of place. She was one of the few white people at this wedding reception. Her tall husband stuck out even more than she did.

Tanya was there because her friend had just gotten married. The friend she had met online, and somehow managed to fall in love with. She was torn. She was happy to see him taking the next step in his life. She was happy to see just how happy he was. But at the same time, her heart ached. There would always be just a small part of her heart that wished it was her in his arms.

She watched them on the dance floor. She knew he introverted he was, and how he hated being the center of attention. But he was smiling down at his bride. His attention was on her, and her alone. His bride was gazing up at him with love in her eyes.

Tanya had to look away. She turned to her husband, and saw his blue eyes on her. She smiled at him. She reached out, and touched his face. She saw the love in his eyes for her.

Her husband had known about her feelings for the groom. He didn’t want to be there at all. He wanted to punch the groom in the face. But Tanya knew he was there because he loved her. He was there to be her support. He was also there to make sure the wedding happened, and the guy was not a threat.

Tanya stood up, and held her hand out to her husband. “Dance with me.” He shook his head. “Please. I need to hold you.” He stood up, reached for her hand, and led her to the dance floor.

She stepped into his arms, laid her head on his chest, and knew that all was right in the world. They sort of just swayed to the music together. She closed her eyes, and breathed in his scent.

The music changed. She looked up into her husband’s eyes, and saw him smile. She smiled back. He leaned down, and kissed her. Someone bumped into them, breaking the kiss. She laughed.

She happened to look across the dance floor. Her eyes met the groom’s eyes. For a moment, they held a glance. For a flash, he looked jealous. Then his bride said something to him, and he looked down at her.

Tanya looked back at her husband. He had witnessed the looks. He just gathered her closer. “You are mine, and I will love you forever.” At that moment, Tanya let go of any feelings she had for the groom. She would always love him as a friend, but that was all.

Tanya smiled. Her husband smiled back. “I think it’s time to go,” she said. “I needed to see this through, and I have. I want to go home.” The look of relief on her husband’s face was almost heartbreaking. She had put him through hell, and he still loved her. And that is what true love is about.