The best kind of Trouble

I was scrolling through the pictures saved on my computer. I came across the one she sent me of her shirt open, and her lacy bra showing. It was not a risqué picture, but it was still sexy as hell.

I like looking a pictures of curvy women. That’s what I seem to be attracted to. But she’s on the thinner side, and small breasted. I’m attracted to her whole package. I enjoy looking at her body, because it holds her soul.

She has the most gorgeous smile. I wish I could see it in person. I wish that I could meet her, but it’s highly unlikely. I fell in love with her. She’s so funny, and smart that I was doomed from the start.

Loving her has been bittersweet. I know nothing can ever come of it. Even our friendship has dwindled. But I’m grateful that I got to know her. I’m grateful that I discovered that I loved her.

Sometimes I look at the pictures of her, and they make me smile. Sometimes they make me cry. They make me wish that I could have met her 30 years ago. She was literally right across the street from me then, but I didn’t know she existed.

I heard from her a few weeks ago. I was happy to know that she was alright. I was sad to hear where she had been. She’s dealt with so many sad things over the last few years. I just want to protect her, and make sure that she’s safe and happy. She’s a tough, and strong woman, and can take care of herself. But I wish I could shield her from the bad things.

I love another woman. It’s been a joy, and it’s brought sadness to my life. I call her Trouble because she was such a surprise to me. I won’t get to be with her, ever, but she’s in my heart. I will be content with that.



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