David ❤️️

I was crying when my husband came home from work. His first instinct was to hold me, and comfort me. When I told him the reason I was crying was because I thought I lost J as my best friend, he just held me even tighter, and comforted me. 

My husband hates J. He’s hated him for three years since I told him about my feelings for J. He’s dealt with it because he loves me. He would be happy if I never spoke to J again. But he knew I was hurting, and just loved me. 

My husband is a good man. He deserves a better wife than me. But he still loves me, and wants me to be happy. I don’t deserve him, but I’ve been blessed to have him for 24 years. 

Let it sink in…my husband comforted me because I could be losing the other man I’ve loved. He’s a much braver soul than I am. I don’t know how he has put up with me, I’m just so glad he has. 


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