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A Beautiful Goodbye (fiction)

It was a hot, summer evening on the boardwalk. The seagulls were circling, hoping to find, or steal, some treats from the beach goers. The waves crashed on the shore.

The boardwalk was crowded. Ron was bored. He had come with his friend with benefits, Diane. They usually didn’t go out together in public. Diane was married. Her husband knew about him, but he asked that she would be discreet. But, today, Diane wanted to be by the ocean. He was in the coast guard, so he was always near the water.

He was 30, tall, and had been told he was good looking, in a quirky sort of way. Diane was 50, short and chubby. She wasn’t the sort of woman he was usually attracted to, at all. But he met her online. He was drawn to her personality. He was attracted to her sexuality. She loved sex, she loved talking about sex. She was honest, and straight forward.

Diane had wandered away from him when she spotted a beagle. If she had one thing that captured her attention, it was a dog. A beagle was her kryptonite. He spotted her squatting down, petting the dog. She had a big smile on her face. That smile made her beautiful. Her green eyes lit up. Her long hair moved in the sea breeze. She raised her hand to brush it back, and at that moment, the beagle put his paws on her shoulder, and threw her off balance.

She landed with a thump on her butt. She looked stunned for a moment, then burst out laughing. The dog owner helped her up. His hand hand rested on her waist. Ron quit observing. He hurried to Diane’s side. He stepped between her, and the man. He made it clear that she was with him.

The dog owner looked regretful, he apologized and walked away. Diane watched for a moment, then looked at Ron with a puzzled look. He was acting possessive, he had never done that before.

Ron’s blue eyes met her green eyes. He had an intense expression on his face. He looked rather shocked. Somehow, in the last few minutes, he discovered that he was in love with Diane. He loved this woman who belonged to someone else. He had always been ok with her being married. He was fine with the sex only arrangement. He enjoyed her company. He enjoyed pleasuring her, and making her orgasm. He enjoyed her pleasing him.

“Ron, are you ok? You look kind of weird.” Diane asked again. He was still silent. How did he tell her that he loved her? What good would it do? She would never leave her husband.

He stepped toward her, he wound his hand in her hair, and pulled her towards him. He leaned down, and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his waist, and gave herself up to the kiss. The kiss was passionate. They both lost track of the fact that they were in public. They didn’t notice the curious looks, or the people wondering what was going on with such a mismatched couple.

Someone walked by, and said, “Get a room!” They broke the kiss, but stayed touching. Her hand came up, and caressed his face. He looked down at her. He noticed the wrinkles, the laugh lines around her eyes. He noticed the green eyes looking at him on wonder. He took a breath, then said the scariest thing ever in his life. “Diane, I love you.”

He watched as her eyes widened in shock. Then a slow smile lit up her face again. “Ron, I love you. But, you know I can’t…” He kissed her again. He didn’t want her to finish the sentence. He had just changed the rules of engagement. Things would never be the same again.

She broke the kiss. And turned around. He wrapped his arms around her. They stood there in silence, watching the waves rolling in. The sun on their backs. People walking around them. He rested his chin on her hair. His arm was resting on her breast. He felt water hit it. He looked up, expecting to see a rain cloud, but the sky was clear. He realized it was tears.

He turned her around to face him. There was tears in her eyes, and sliding down her cheeks. He cupped her face, and used his thumbs to wipe the tears away. She sobbed, wrapped her arms around his waist again, and rested her cheek on his chest.

He could feel his heart breaking. She was going to leave him. She had told him from the beginning to not fall in love with her. He had laughed it off then. He could not have imagined falling for a woman old enough to be his mother. She had been serious though. Their arrangement had only been for sex, and companionship. She loved her husband, but he couldn’t keep up with her anymore, and let her get her pleasure elsewhere. His only stipulation was that she could not get attached.

He had no idea how long they stayed there like that, arms around each other. The sun was sinking lower. The shadows getting longer. Diane stopped crying, just holding him tight. The day she had been dreading had finally arrived. She had to say goodbye.

She stepped back, reached up, and caressed his face one last time. She stood on her tip toes, and kissed his lips. “I love you, Ron. I always will, but I have to go.” She turned, and walked away from him.

He watched her walk away. He wanted to beg her to stay, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t say a word. He had always known there was no future in their relationship, all they had was the present. And, now, that was in the past. He didn’t even notice the tear that ran down his cheek as he watched her turn the corner, and disappear from his life.


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