A tale of two lesbians, and a bi chick

Before you go getting all excited, this isn’t a story about sex. It’s the story of coincidence, and fate. In 2012, I signed up to get Twitter, for the sole purpose of being able to use it to respond to some site about the Miami Dolphins. I had no idea the effect that would have on my life.

So, on Twitter, I discovered a world wide base of Miami Dolphins fans. I followed most of the ones I came across. It was, and is, a variety of people. Some I talked to occasionally, some I interacted with often. Some I came to consider friends.

Fast forward a year, I fell in love with a male Miami Dolphins fan. It started out as just 2 people who spent many hours talking. That was a significant event, but not the basis of this post. I loved him, I’m married, he found his soul mate…blah, blah, blah.

I only mentioned that part, because I needed him to finally accept the fact that I am bisexual. It took me 46 years to figure out, and accept it. So, a few months later, I came out on Twitter, and on Facebook, and in this blog. I talked about it online.

So…one side effect of me coming out as bi, and talking about it led to one of my other Miami Dolphins followers messaging me. I had made a comment that I always assume accounts with no personal name, or avatar was a white male. She was angry. She informed me that she all woman, and sent pictures to prove it.

She approached me, and we talked. I thought I was imagining the fact that she was flirting with me, but she really was. We didn’t talk every day, or even every week. But the conversations were intense, and sometimes sexual. Fast forward another year. I loved my husband of 21 years, and I loved a man I only knew from online. Well, surprise, surprise…I had fallen for her too.

We spoke online, and sometimes on the phone. It quit being sexual at all. But the feelings on my side were firmly in place. I respected that she was married, and behaved myself.

So, I met T on Twitter. I think she’s amazing woman. She’s strong, but my instinct would be to protect her. She’s one of the few people I know who would have my back if I needed it. I got to know her from our conversations.

Well, I got on the Moovz app (it’s for LGBT people) last year. I met S on there. S is a lesbian. I got to talking to her when she messaged me. Funny thing here… In my blog, I had written about T, and my feelings for her. S read those stories. After talking to S for a while, I wrote about her, and T read that.

T & S read my blog, and were curious about the other. They asked me questions about the other one. Both of them have very similar personalities, and likes & dislikes. They are both in somewhat similar jobs. They had much more in common with each other, than either of them did with me.

Well, they had one major thing in common, they are both in the military reserves. They had actually been sent to some of the same places, but at different times. Until they were both sent to a disaster zone at the same time. They both knew of each other through me, but they didn’t know each other. Well, S knew who T was, but didn’t tell her how.

They came back home, and went about their lives. Until the next time they were called up. This time they knew the other. Other things happened, but that isn’t my story to tell.

They have been sent to the same places a few times now. The last time I talked to S, she told me about T. The last time I talked to T, she mentioned that S would bring me up in conversation. So, in some other country, two women who met me in different places online, were working together, and I was their topic of conversation.

I was honestly jealous of S, because she got to spend time with T. I’ve never met either of them in person. Was it coincidence, or fate that I met both of them? Did my blogging about either of them effect their meeting?

Life is so strange. I met two women with similar personalities, in two different places online. Their lives have been interconnected in real life. I was a part of their world, but not for real. I know T cares about, and she knows my feelings for her. I know S likes me, at least as a friend. I know S has feelings for T, because she told me. (And I wanted to punch her, and tell her to back off) It’s so bizarre.

I haven’t spoken to either of them recently. I don’t know if they are ok, or not. I pray that they are. I don’t know if they’re working together, or not. I do know that I miss talking to both of them. I’m not sure why, but I clicked with both of them as friends. I met these two incredible women online, I consider them both to be friends.

This is one of those things that makes me wonder about fate/destiny/karma. What are the odds of me meeting two women online who ended up working with each other? Millions of people online, and the three of us connected. I think about them often, and I hope they are alright. I fell in love with T, and love S as a friend.

I know I’ve written about them/this situation before, but it was on my mind tonight. I’ve been watching Person Of Interest lately, and it makes me wonder about coincidences, and fate. It makes me wonder about me, too. How many times have I been a catalyst in other people’s lives?

It’s almost 6am, and I am tired. My life is a disaster lately. I’m covered in poison ivy, and I can’t sleep because of the itching. I’m awake in the darkness and quiet, and I’m thinking about them. They have both touched my life, and forever changed it. I just wonder if they think of me.




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