Weird week

Last week was a weird one. I met a woman on the Moovz app. I didn’t feel like texting, so I asked if I could call her. She said yes. 

We talk for an hour and a half. Well, she mostly talked, I didn’t get much of a chance to. She’s nice, but so intense. 

She’s also bisexual. She told me she thought I was beautiful. I asked her why she chose to talk to me. She said she liked my profile, and was drawn to my picture. 

That’s flattering to hear. I have a hard time accepting that anyone thinks I’m beautiful, even though I get told that. 

This past week, I also had a teenage girl hit me up to suck her boyfriend’s dick with her. What the hell? I told her I suck my husband’s. Unbelievable. 

The question was incredible but the grammar was so atrocious, I was shocked. 

My life is so strange. I never know what to expect 


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