Blogging blah blah blah

There have been a few times that my blog was given a shout out. I do appreciate it, but I honestly didn’t know how to go about responding. But part of me also felt like I was being guilted into giving the poster a shout out.

Yeah, I don’t do guilt. I don’t like feeling like I’m being manipulated. It’s like someone telling you that you’re pretty, and them waiting for you to say it back to them.

Some of the shout outs seemed very genuine. Like the blogger honestly liked the material I wrote, and wanted others to experience it. I really consider those a compliment.

I got on WordPress three years ago because a friend suggested it. It’s a form of self therapy for me. Sometimes I don’t understand my own feelings until I see the words in front of me. It’s helped me be passive aggressive. I can say things to people without expecting a reply.

Blogging has helped me to connect with people. It has helped me find people who understand things that I am going through. I came out as bisexual at the age of 46. I was a very lost soul. I found some people on here who have helped me deal with that. And I am very grateful.

I bare my soul on here. Maybe that’s a good thing, or maybe it’s a bad thing. I write about my feelings and emotions. I’ve been told I live my life through social media. Maybe I do. Or maybe this is just a digital diary. (That made me have Doogie Houser flashbacks)

I’ve had people I write about get upset with me. They don’t agree, or like the things I’ve said. I’ve been told my blog was bullshit, so I had to ask that person why they keep reading it then.

I honestly don’t know why people read my posts. I’m sure some of it is because the links automatically post on Twitter, and something catches their eye. I have to admit I enjoy getting compliments on my writing.

I have no idea where I’m going with this. I write because I have something I want to say. Or a story I want to tell. Or I just feel the need to rant. I write for many reasons, and I’m grateful that people bother to take the time to read.







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