It’s my life

I did something I thought I would never do. I added my blog page link to my Facebook profile. I came out as bisexual on Facebook two years ago, and I had people unfriend me because of it. I don’t care anymore. I am who I am. That doesn’t mean anyone has to like it. It also means that I’d not hiding anything.

I know there is a chance my family members might read it. They will judge me because I’m bisexual. They will judge me because I fell in love with another man. They will really judge me because I fell in love with a woman as well.

It’s my life. I am an open book. Unlike some people, I don’t have to stay in the closet. But like that saying goes, If you aren’t feeding me, fucking me, or financing me, your opinion is not my concern. I am not giving everyone the middle finger, I am just living my life on my terms.

I got my annual review at work yesterday. I was told that I act like an asshole. I happen to be an introvert, and don’t actually talk to many people. But I’m an asshole. Well, so be it. People will see what they want to see. But I am going to tell you how I see things.

It’s my life, and I owe one person any explanations why I do things. And thankfully, my husband loves me just the way I am. If this is the first post of mine you’ve read, then buckle up, you’re for a bumpy ride.


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