Back door

*****Adult subject *****
I was just reading a blog post about sex. More specifically, the back door entrance. They asked 13 women what they thought about anal sex. Only two did it/liked it. 

Doing that is tricky. If the woman isn’t relaxed, or lubed up enough, it’s painful and not enjoyable. If it’s done right, it can feel good. It actually feels sort of naughty, and that heightens the pleasure. 

When you’re married, or in a long term relationship, things can seem monotonous. Trying anal once in a while can spice things up. 

It does feel like it’s naughty, or forbidden. Like you’re breaking the rules. I do believe it is still illegal in some states. 

It’s not for everyone, and it’s not something that can be forced. It can do damage. But if both partners are willing, and able, it can be enjoyable. 

Some people will never consider doing it because they think it’s not natural. I say let your freak flag fly, and lower your inhibitions sometimes. Oh, and keep some Astroglide handy. 


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