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Moving forward

Well, it looks like 2016 might turn out to be a very interesting year. I have a date on the 5th. Let me back track a little bit. A few nights ago, I couldn’t sleep. I was talking to someone on yahoo messenger, and he decided to go to sleep. I was bored, so I was scrolling through the links on my laptop. I noticed the Craigslist one, just I clicked on it.

I haven’t been on Craigslist in months because I wasn’t looking for anything. But I decided to look at the W4W, purely for entertainment purposes. Or, so I thought. One ad caught my eye. She was my age, and the tag line was Friends first.

I read it, and my first thought was that I could have written that ad myself. I’m not looking for a hook up, I want a friendship with maybe some benefits. And it turns out, she’s also bi, and married.

I emailed her a semi detailed description of me. I included my Twitter name. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a reply. I was pleasantly surprised to get one.

A few hours later, I got a new follower on Twitter. I didn’t know her name, so I wasn’t sure if it was her, but guessing by the Delaware accounts she followed, I was hoping it was. She tweeted at me a few times, and I liked her sense of humor.

She did confirm that it was her. I sent her a direct message, and we talked on there. I like talking to her. She’s intelligent, and funny. And that combo always gets me.

We both want the same things. I like her. There are all kinds of possibilities here. There is one snag though. She lives 40 miles away. I don’t know how that is going to factor into things.

Three days ago, I wasn’t looking for anything. Maybe I have found something now. Life is so full of new things.





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