My Christmas Eve

I’m going to a Unitarian Christmas Eve service that is being held in Jewish synagogue. It’s sounds strange, but the important part is that I’m going.

I haven’t been to any kind of  church service in years. Especially since I came out as bisexual. I’m going to meet with a lesbian couple I’m friends with.

I miss feeling like a part of a community. But I haven’t feel that in many years. I actually need to go. My soul craves it.

I don’t have any conflict in being a Christian, and being bisexual. It’s what I am, it was never a choice. So if God made me this way, he has to be ok with it.

I don’t celebrate Christmas. We don’t put up a tree. We don’t do presents. We don’t cook a big meal. But I am a Christian. And I need to reconnect with my faith.

Just because there are many hate filled people who call themselves Christians, I don’t believe everyone is like that. Some people actually follow the teachings of Christ, and practice loving instead of hating.

2015 has not been a good year for me. I just feel like I need to end it on a better note. I know one service isn’t going to improve me life, but maybe it will help recharge my spiritual batteries.


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