Talk to me, or not

I like people who make me laugh. I like people who make me think. I like people who can carry on a good conversation.

I don’t like rude people. I don’t like people who act like I’m supposed to be their entertainment or get them off. 

I don’t like people who are too stupid,or lazy to use decent grammar.  Don’t ask me “Y” because I’ll tell you that you’re an idiot. I don’t expect perfect English class grammar, but put some effort into it. 

I had the Whisper app for less than a day. I posted a few things I’ve talked about on here. I had a nice conversation with one guy, I told him a story, and he got off on it. (It’s not sexting because I was NOT talking about me)

This other guy started a conversation, and I was polite. After a while he said the conversation was boring, and he was going. I said, bye. Nothing else. He then calls me a boring, old bitch. I called him an asshole, and said I wasn’t there for his entertainment. Then I blocked him. 

I am far from boring when I have an intelligent person to talk to. He was the boring one. 

My point is, you get what you give. If you can’t keep me interested, I don’t have the energy to invest in the conversation.  

Over the years, I’ve had many conversations.  Some people are just more interesting than others. Some people I click with, and it’s a struggle trying to talk to others. 

I’ll talk to anyone, but if you start a conversation, expect to participate, because I’m not responding to one word answers.  I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but I am some people’s shot of whiskey.  


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