Mental space invaders

I just blocked someone else on the Moovz app. The person gave me the creeps, and made me feel uncomfortable. It happens to be a male to female trans person.

I don’t have a problem with transsexuals, but I have a problem with a person who keeps saying “hugs” after I asked them not to. I have a problem with poor grammar. I have a problem with someone, not a friend, addressing me as “beautiful” as a title.

Maybe those things are petty, but they do bother me. I just don’t have the energy to deal with someone who sets me on edge. I’m getting too old, and cranky to deal with it.

Some people act like the online world isn’t real. I shouldn’t take things personally. But to me, my energy is personal. I don’t like people who put me on edge. They are mental space invaders.

It also annoys me when I tell certain people that I am not interested in talking to them, and they expect me to explain why. The fact that I’m married, and don’t want to listen to their line about them wanting to find their “soul mate”isn’t enough of a reason to them. They want to know why.

I am not obligated to explain “why”. A, “No, I’m not interested” should be enough. That would certainly be enough for me to leave someone alone.

That brings me to another thought. If a person is “taken”, respect them enough to back off. And that sounds very hypocritical for me, considering I love two people who are taken. But, I don’t pursue them. I consider them friends, and don’t want upset their personal lives. I would never want to come between them, and their partners.

This brings me to the subject of the Moovz app. It’s supposed to be for LGBT people. I didn’t get on there to hook up with anyone. I just wanted to connect with lesbian, and bi women as friends. Yet, I have men hitting on me.

Tell me why a “gay” man wants to tell me he’s looking for his soul mate, and acts like I could be that person. He’s the one who wouldn’t accept the “I’m not interested”. I blocked him too. I don’t need to explain that I’m married to my soul mate (that info is already in my bio) and that I also love two other people. That’s none of their business.

I don’t like being rude to people. But I’m also under no obligation to continue to be polite to someone who will not back off. I did not approach them.

This brings me to another rant. Being a female online does not mean I am out there looking to engage, or flirt with anyone. My smile is not an invitation to flirt, or have sex. People need to check themselves. I like talking to people. It’s how I socialize.

I’m not going to lie, I used to flirt online. I don’t do it anymore. I had a period in my life when I didn’t act married. But that is in my past. Just because they’re horny, doesn’t mean I care.

It sort of amuses me how those guys used to be in my DMs when they wanted something, but have disappeared since they aren’t getting it. I guess I was just jerk off material to them. I’m worth more than that. I make a good friend. It’s their loss if they can’t see that.

If you can’t already tell, I have insomnia again. I’ve only had about 7 hours sleep in the last 48 hours. I’m physically exhausted, but my brain won’t shut up.

I think I’m done ranting though. I did block the person I dreaded getting a message from. Sometimes you just have to block the excess noise out of your life. Maybe it was mean, but if someone can’t respect me enough to not stop doing something, then I don’t want to deal with them. And frankly, I just didn’t like their vibe.

This post isn’t the one I started to write. But I needed to say it. I suppose they might be upset to find out they’re blocked, but I needed to do it. This is my life, so it is about me. My mental health comes first.







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