Flirting with females

I’ve spoken about having phone sex before. I did enjoy it at the time. But I’m kind of relieved that I can’t do it anymore. It takes a large amount of mental energy that I just don’t feel like using for that.

I don’t have the energy to be getting sexual with men. I specify with men, because I enjoy flirting with women. I’m not going to lie about that. I had one tell me just yesterday that if we lived closer, we would probably have fun.

I had a conversation with another female who was really flirting with me. There’s a major age difference between us, but that doesn’t really matter in online flirting.

I don’t flirt with men anymore. I used to get off on it, but I don’t bother now. It’s not worth upsetting my husband over it. He’s ok with me flirting with women.

That seems contradictory, but he isn’t worried about females. He got very upset when I told him that a male friend told me that he loved me. I think that the fact that the male friend is sort of local set him off. But still, he’s ok with me talking to females.

I’m glad that he doesn’t get upset, but at the same time, it kind of upsets me that he dismisses the idea that a female could be important to me. I actually love a female, but I’m quite aware that nothing but friendship could ever come of it.

It’s almost 3am. I started writing this to talk about not having phone sex, but my mind goes to flirting with females. I like flirting with other women. I don’t care about flirting with men now. I’m not sure if my tastes are changing, or if I just don’t want to anger my husband any more than he has already been.

Life is weird. Three years ago, I never would have imagined that a woman would flirt with me. I never imagined that a female would get jealous over me touching another female. But those things happened. It’s kind of fun discovering these new adventures.

I’m a late blooming bisexual. I didn’t explore when I was young. But now, a new world has opened to me. Although he would rather I didn’t explore, my husband gave me permission. I’m not going to seek anyone out, but I never know what life has in store for me. I will take the fun when I find it.


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