I own my sexuality

I talk about sex, a lot. I like to post pictures of women I think are sexy. I’m open about my sexuality. Unfortunately, some people think that means that I should be open to being sexual with them. I’m a woman, being sexual means I’m available, right? Wrong.

I’m a very sexual person. I don’t have many hang ups. But just because I talk about stuff, it doesn’t mean I want to extend my energy to anyone else. I am allowed to be a sexual being, without being a sexual object.

I don’t have to justify my behavior to anyone else. I am a sexual being. I own my sexuality. Just because someone else sees that as a sign of availability, I don’t.

Since I’m on a rant here, here is another pet peeve. I’m a big woman. I am middle aged. People act like I am not allowed to have, or enjoy sex. That’s a load of crap. I don’t have it as often as I used to (my husband is ten years older) but I still get plenty of action. I can’t do everything I once was able to, but I still enjoy sex.

I’m fat. I have sex with the lights on. I enjoy having sex with my husband. So all the haters out there throwing the word “fat” at me like an insult, can go get lost.

I’m an adult. I have sex. I enjoy it. I enjoying talking about sex. I do not enjoy people assuming things about me. On top of everything else, I’m bisexual. People fetish-ize that. I do not have threesomes. I have no desire to have one.

I am a sexual being. People either assume I’m up for anything, or they feel threatened by it. Get over yourself. I do what makes me happy, not what other people think I should do.


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