I did reach out

The other day, I wrote the post about reaching out. I felt good about myself because I talked someone through a dark place. I hadn’t heard anything from her since then. I woke up today, and got a message from her friend. It seems that she took too much of her prescription medication, and her father was worried about her.

Did I actually do any good for her? Did I help her? She admitted to me during the call that she was sort of out of it because of her meds.

I don’t know. I just know that I had the compulsion to reach out to her, so I did. I went with my instincts. And I think at that moment in time, she just needed someone to listen to her, and to tell her that she could survive.

I hope she gets the help that she really needs. I don’t know how she has survived, because her experiences would have broken me.

If someone reaches out, please respond. You never know if you might be the one positive thing they have to hold on to at that moment. I was suicidal in 2013, and one person helped me get through that dark place. He ended up being a sociopath who tried to hurt me later, but at that moment, he did help me. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us.

This time of year is especially hard for some people. Be aware of that. Maybe you don’t think you have the energy for it, but try. If nothing else, send them something funny that might make them laugh. Little things make all the difference to someone hanging on by a thread.


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