A new friend

I just had an interesting experience on the Moovz app. I was talking to a bisexual who just joined it. She said I was one of the “cool kids”. She said they gave a list of people people likely to be similar to her, and I was fourth or fifth on the list. I find it bizarre that I was referred to as a cool kid, even in jest.

I always think of myself as a boring loner. It still surprises me to see that I have over 1,750 followers on Twitter. Or that over 160 people follow my blog here on WordPress. But of course most of them don’t actually read the posts.

The “cool kid” comment was unexpected. Even more unexpected was her flirting with me. I get when men flirt with me, it always surprises me when a woman does it. Frankly, I liked it. I hope I can talk to her again.

She’s like me, in that she didn’t come out until later in life. She’s learning her way around too. I am so grateful for the internet. It really does help when you don’t feel so alone.

I don’t where this will go, but I’m always happy to meet another friend. If it’s another friend with flirt benefits, that works too. Live and learn.


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