That’s not how it works 

When I came out as bisexual, it was annoying how many people assumed there would be threesomes in my future. That is not going to happen. When I’m with someone, I am with them. Not them and an audience. 

Maybe some couples find their “unicorn” and share a partner, but I can’t imagine that happening. It especially wouldn’t happen if my female partner was a lesbian. She wouldn’t want a penis anywhere near her. 

And from my husband’s point of view, he may have agreed to let me explore, but he doesn’t want to share me. And just in case you’re wondering, if we did find that mythical bisexual unicorn attracted to both of us, he could have sex with her to. But using a condom, and not with me in the room. I don’t want to share either, but it’s only fair. 

I don’t expect anyone to understand our marriage, but it works for us. Three people in one bed does not. 


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