We all like to eat things that are out of the ordinary. I like to dip buttered toast into hot chocolate or chocolate milk, and eat it. I also take crumbled saltine crackers, put them in a glass, pour milk over them and eat them. It’s like a salty cereal. Both of those things I got from my family.

For a while, my husband had a thing for apple butter, and bologna sandwiches. Sounds disgusting to me, but he enjoyed them.

I like my spicy foods so hot, they make your lips burn, and your nose run. When I eat the chili I make, I have to drink milk because I make it so hot. When I ever bother going to Taco Bell, I always get the Fire sauce.

I love jalapeno poppers with ranch dip. TGI Fridays used to serve them with Tabasco mixed in the ranch dip. That was even better.

My favorite pizza is actually bacon and mushroom. I have no idea why I ever tried that combo, but I like it. But sometimes, all I want is extra cheese, and nothing else.

I miss the Crazy Bread that Little Caesar’s used to have. It doesn’t seem the same anymore.

I love French onion soup, but it’s so difficult to find a place that serves a good bowl of it. And it just isn’t worth fixing a batch for just one person. The first time I had it was in the Latin Quarter in Paris. It was in some old cafe. I loved it.

I haven’t had much in the way of English food (we were only there four days) but I wasn’t impressed by what we were served. Whole baked fish with the head still attached. Lasagna with spinach noodles. Somehow green noodles are not appetizing.

I’ve never tried Indian, Thai, Japanese or Vietnamese food. I’m not adventurous when eating alone, and my husband is too picky to eat anything spicy.

When I make things like chili, spaghetti and lasagna, I use ground turkey. It is less greasy, and it tastes better than hamburger.

I’m literally rambling here. I really need to get out the house more, and find some new interests to talk about. It really does suck to be an introvert with social anxiety. My world revolves around my husband, going to work, and being online. But no one is forced to read this stuff. And I’m not being graded for content, and grammar. Thank goodness for that.


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