I don’t get it

I had an online friend, K, and for a year, we talked constantly. I really thought that she would be a friend forever. 

And then, one night, I realized she lied to me about something rather petty. So I told her I didn’t like being lied to.  Without warning, she unfollowed me on Twitter, and unfriended me on Facebook.  Just like that, she was gone from my life. 

Not an adult way to act in my opinion. If you’re upset, tell the person why. Give me hell, then move on. But that’s not what she chose to do. 

I miss talking to her, but it’s her loss. I have a loving husband, and other friends who care about me. I’m not sure what she has. Frankly, I don’t need someone that childish in my life.

Live, and learn I guess.  Just because people say they won’t go anywhere doesn’t mean that they’ll live up to their words. 


3 thoughts on “I don’t get it

  1. bisexualloveadvice says:

    Had a simliar thing happen to me, I called my friend out on perhaps not being able to trust her and instead of two adults communicating about it she shut down and never wanted to talk to me again and unfriended me as well. It is definitely not a normal reaction, it could also trigger PTSD, or an anxiety disorder as well, some people can’t handle hearing they’ve done something wrong, but we could also go with, some people are just selfish and mean


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