Sounds like a scam to me

So…it’s after 2am here. This person I met online is trying to convince me that she’s stuck in Malaysia, and someone stole all her money. She’s begging me to send her $300. Yeah, no.

Even if I had that kind of money to blow, I sure as hell wouldn’t send it to some random internet chick. I do not have sucker tattooed on my forehead. I blocked her from messaging me again.

By the way, this is the person who said she’d fly from New Mexico to be my lover. I don’t know if her scam has ever worked before, but it certainly didn’t work on me.

I know for a fact some of these people online prey on insecure women looking for the love of their life. I’m not insecure, and I have the love of my life.

She may be for real, but even if she is, I can’t help her. I’m tired, and so not in the mood for bullshit.


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