It doesn’t matter

I’ve been with my husband for almost 23 years. He has always loved me, no matter what. He tells me all the time that I have a nice ass. And he tells me he loves my legs. Especially when they’re wrapped around him.

I’m a big woman, but I still manage to attract people. I get hit on way more than I ever thought possible. Some people are attracted more to personality than to looks. And other people have a preference for bigger women.

I happen to fall for personality. I’ve fallen in love three times, with very different people appearance wise. What attracted me was their minds, and their personality. I felt like I connected with their souls.

I’ve fallen for 10 years older, 18 years younger, and around my own age. I’ve fallen for white and black, male and female. Appearance means nothing. Age means nothing. And weight doesn’t matter at all.

I’m lucky. I’ve gotten to experience many types of love. And even luckier to have been loved back. If people would open their minds, and their hearts, they could experience a love they never imagined was possible. People get hung up on trivial things like appearance. But appearances change. A person’s soul remains the same.


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