People that left a mark

I repeat myself on here. I don’t mean to, but sometimes I get something stuck in my head, and I just want to write. My previous post was about missing talking to J. Apparently I did that subject already. But It’s late at night, and that’s when I seem to miss it the most. Go figure.

I miss talking to T. We never actually talked an extensive amount of time. She would come and go, and I never knew when she’d show up. But I always love talking to her.

I miss my former friend, K. For a year, we talked all the time. I really thought she’d be a friend forever. But she got offended when I tried to explain to her that I didn’t like being lied to. (Especially about something stupid) She didn’t even say goodbye, she just unfollowed me, and unfriended me. Talk about being juvenile, and a coward. To me, an adult would have gotten mad and just told me off.

I miss M. He appeared in my life just as I was entering into my mid life crisis. My hormones went into overdrive, and talking to him online provided me with a sexual outlet. I was pretty infatuated with him for about 6 weeks. Thankfully, I never thought I was in love with him. I always knew it was a game, and I benefited from it. I was thinking about him tonight, and how wrapped up I was with him. I don’t even talk to him anymore. I’ve had maybe 5 short conversations with him in two years.

People come and go in our lives all the time. Some people stay with you forever, even when their presence is no longer in your life. It doesn’t matter if I ever talk to J or T again, they are a part of my being now. I hope they don’t disappear, but I never know what will happen.

I met a guy named Troy on Twitter. He was fun to joke around with, and maybe even flirt with once in a while. He turned out to be a rather nasty sociopath, and a liar. But there was one point when I was in the darkest point of my life, and he talked to me. He helped me move past that stage. He’s still a nasty person, but he’s not all bad.

I’ve met so many people in the last few years who have had an impact on me. I met Rob through WordPress. He has become my bisexual mentor. He’s helped me learn to accept things I never would have imagined dealing with. Things like loving more than one person. Being married, but being open to the possibility of dating a woman. Stuff I never would have thought of two years ago.

I’m grateful for Abel. He is the one who steered me to WordPress. Blogging is my therapy. It helps me to deal with my crazy emotions. I don’t know what I would have done without this outlet in my life. I do know that dealing with being a newly out bisexual would have been so much more confusing without blogging, and having the interaction.

Sometimes I wish things wouldn’t change, but people can’t stay the same forever. They move on. I move on. But no matter what happens, I’m glad for the time I did spend with them. And I do miss some more than others.


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