Self portrait 

I talk about myself too much. Mostly because I don’t have much else to talk about. I used to think that I was a simple person, but I’m not. 

I used to believe that you only had one true love. Now, I believe that you can love more than one person, but you can’t love them in the same way. 

I used to believe that I had too much self respect to ever be a side chick again. But I’m willing to be relegated to that role if it means I can keep that person in my life. 

I believe that the energy you put out there does come back to you. Call it karma if you will. 

I’ve been awake since three AM. I’m sick with a sore throat, and I’m tired. My life has taken some strange turns in the last two years. I fell in love, twice. I fell out of love, twice. After 46 years, I accepted that I’m bisexual. And  I’ve been on a few dates with a woman, and had my first experience with her. 

Nothing has been ordinary. I am not ordinary. I never have been. I used to wish that I was normal, but God made me extraordinary. 


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