I was supposed to do something with Misty today, but I woke up with a sore throat. I texted her that, and I all I got was an “ok”. That’s it. No, “I’m sorry you’re sick”. Nothing else. No concern, no attempt to reschedule, nothing.

I wasn’t allowing myself to expect anything, but I have to admit that I’m disappointed. I get the feeling that maybe she was relieved. She didn’t seem all that enthused about spending time with me anyway.

I could be over thinking again, or I could just be picking up vibes. I don’t have the energy for this. If she wants to reach out to me again, I’d be happy to go, but I’m not going to try.

I hate this. Because I wanted to spend time with her. I was sort of hoping there could be a repeat of last Monday. Oh, well. Live, experience and learn. I enjoyed what I got. Right now, I’m going to go crawl back into bed with my husband. And that’s where my mind should be anyway.


2 thoughts on “Disappointed

  1. One thing I noticed the last time we were out, she was on her phone constantly. She talks to lots of people, so she could have been making plans elsewhere. We didn’t actually have any solid plans for the day, so…


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