Battery recharge time

I couldn’t sleep very well last night. I was at work yesterday, and got the news that my sister in law (who is only a year older than I am) was out on a charter boat, and had a heart attack and seizures. They had to get the Coast Guard to bring her to shore. I had to leave work early because I was upset. On top of that, my dog had died six days before.

Today has been nice. There hasn’t been any news on my sister in law, but I guess she is as well as can be expected.

David and I slept in, then we woke up and messed around. We both got our showers, then we went out to eat lunch. I dropped him off at work, then decided to go for a drive.

I went to the beach I went to with Misty last week. It’s a nice drive, and just a pleasant place to hang out at, I read a book for about an hour. A girl I used to work with saw me, and came over to talk. We talked until her kids got bored. She mentioned high tide was coming in, so I decided to leave.

I needed to go today. I need to break out of this self imposed exile I’ve been in for years. I can’t limit myself because of fear. I think being with Misty is beneficial to me in more ways than one. She shook me out of my rut.

Speaking of Misty, we might go out again tomorrow. I have no idea if we will, or what we will do. And I don’t really care. It’s just nice to have something to look forward to. I wouldn’t mind if there was a repeat of last Monday, but I kind of doubt it.

I’m just playing things by ear, and taking things as they come. No expectations, and no disappointments. Whatever happens will happen. I’ll take it, and learn from it.


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