Still surprising me

When I first started dating my husband, he was shy, and wouldn’t hold my hand in public. A month later, we went to a state park, and he was standing behind me on a pier looking at the lake. I reached behind me to touch him, and he put his dick in my hand…

He has never stopped surprising me in the 22 and half years we’ve been together. He asked me to marry him over the phone, after a conversation about what it meant to be engaged. He said, “Do you want to?”

He isn’t the most romantic person, but he’s a great husband, and a wonderful person. I’m surprised he gave me permission to be with a woman. He doesn’t want to share me, but he wants me to be happy. I’m grateful he is ok with it. I was rather shocked that he was proud when I told him about me getting her off.

He does things for me all the time. He’ll come into my computer room, and bring me a drink without asking. He’s willing to drive to the beach to watch the sunrise with me. He was willing to foster and adopt our dogs because of me.

He has a crazy side, and he always makes me laugh. I love that about him. He used to go out in the cold, and get me McDonald’s for breakfast.

I know I’m incredibly lucky to have him. He could have given up on me, and bailed on our marriage. He didn’t, and he doesn’t want to.

I have been blessed to have him as my husband. He doesn’t think he’s any kind of prize, but I know that he is priceless. He is worth more than anything in the world.

After 22 years together, he surprises me all the time. And I’m surprised he has put up with me that long. I’m just glad he has.


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