No doubt about it

There is no longer any doubt at all about me being bisexual. I went on a date last night with a female. To start out with, I assumed we were just hanging out as friends. We met at the mall to see a movie, but we couldn’t agree on one. We ended up walking around the mall. She got a massage.

Then she decided she wanted to go play the slots, so we went to the casino. We both lost. Then she decided she wanted to eat, so we went to the Italian restaurant there, got a pizza and talked.

She wanted a cheesecake, so we went to Sam’s Club, but they didn’t have what she wanted. I drove her back to her car at the mall. I thought she’d leave, and go home. But she wasn’t ready to. I mentioned driving to a local beach. She said ok.

So I drove the 12 miles to the beach, down the back roads. We got to the beach, sat in my van with the windows down, and talked. We talked about sex and relationships for two hours. I was getting turned on. I got out of the van, and used the porta potty to try to take my mind off of things.

When I got back in, she really surprised me. She asked me if I wanted to do anything. Then she raised up her shirt, and unhooked her bra. I’ve been wanting to play with breasts since I was 10 years old, so of course I wanted to touch them. So I did. They felt good. Round and firm. I played with her nipples, and felt them get hard. Then I started sucking on them. That really felt good. I loved hearing her moan.

Then she reached down, and pulled her shorts off. She told me to touch her, because she knew I wanted to. I did. I found her clit, and rubbed it. I just did what felt right. She must have liked it because she was really moaning. I made her cum. She squirted all over my hand.

My first sexual interaction with a woman, and I made her squirt. I’m kind of proud of that. I really had no idea what to do. Later she mentioned that she was surprised that I made her do that. I said, Yeah, and I did it left handed.

I took her back to the mall to get her car. We talked some more. When she was ready to leave, we hugged. She reached down to kiss me, but at that moment, the wind blew my hair in my mouth. I was disappointed.

I didn’t tell my husband what happened last night. I didn’t want to upset him. I have his permission to have a “girlfriend”, meaning if the chance for sex came up, I was allowed to take it. It came up, and I took it.

But I felt like I was lying to him, or hiding it because I didn’t tell him. So I waited until after we had sex today to tell him. His response surprised me. He was actually smiling, and said he was proud of me for getting her off. I was actually shocked.

I was happy that he was ok with it. He did express a concern that maybe she would try to take me away from him. She doesn’t want a relationship, and she doesn’t want to break us up. Even if she did, I can’t live without him, and I told him that.

I had my first experience last night. I liked it. I really do like playing with breasts. I liked hearing her moan, and knowing that she came. Will it happen again? I have no idea. I know I want it to. But that’s all on her. I’ll live if it never occurs again. I had fun. I enjoyed it, and I got to experience something I wanted to experience.

But there is no doubt in my mind now that I’m bisexual. I was turned on last night with her, and I was very turned on with my husband today. I’m glad it happened, if for no other reason to stop me from bitching and moaning about the unlikelihood of it happening.

Sigh….I can’t believe my first experience was in a vehicle again though. Lol. Life is funny. Life is weird, and very unexpected. I don’t know what will happen, and I’m good with that.


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