Shorty the beagle

Our beagle, Shorty, died today. We got him on April 7, 2006. That was the day after our first dog, Merlin, died. I couldn’t stand being in the house, because I kept expecting to see Merlin. So we went to the SPCA to volunteer. We let this one beagle out in the pen area to run around. He had a blast.

David was sitting with me, and I made the off hand comment that he would love our back yard. As we were leaving that day, we ran into Lynn, the volunteer coordinator. We told her about Merlin passing. She knew him because we used to bring him, and tag along with her to events.

As we were talking to her, David unexpectedly mentioned he’d like to take the beagle home with us. Lynn jumped into action, talked to the office people, and next thing I knew, we were bringing him home with us as a trial.

We didn’t formally adopt him that day, we just took him home to see if he would get along with Rosie and Daisy (both since passed). He did. We brought him back the next day to fill out the paperwork, and they didn’t charge us the adoption fee since we were known volunteers.

We named him Shorty because he was missing the white tip of his tail. We asked the vet, and he said it was probably cut off because some hunters do that.

Shorty was a great dog. He was a protector. And he was a hunter. He had an impressive body count for only having access to our back yard.

We lost our Bentley the day after Christmas. And now Shorty is gone. The problem with dogs, is that they don’t stick around for very long. But we were blessed to have him.


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