Giving it another try

I started talking to the lesbian I met on Craigslist again. We might attempt to hang out again sometime. I liked the first time we did. We saw Jurassic World, sat in the mall and talked until it closed, then we went to Olive Garden.

The second time we were supposed to hang out, she was an hour and half late. So, I gave up and came home. I was really disappointed.

I’m not sure if anything will happen, but I do like her. Well, I like everything except the tardiness. But no one is perfect. I just happen to have social anxiety, and I’m introverted, so I’m always as early as possible.

I just want a friend to hang out with. And she seems like someone worth doing that with. Even if we go out once a month, that’s more than I’m doing now. Maybe it will give me a chance to explore more.

Things happen for a reason. I texted her a few days ago, and told her about the Moovz app. I was actually surprised when she answered back. I’ll just have to wait, and see if anything comes of it.


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