Ghosts of memories past

I was feeling kind of cranky earlier tonight. But David and I went to Rita’s Water Ice. We sat in the van, eating our water ices and watching the cars go by. We left there when we heard a popping sound, and wasn’t sure if it was a gun shot or not.

We went for a drive down the back roads, and ended up at Woodland Beach. It is supposedly haunted. We sat in the van there with the windows down. We enjoyed the sound of the water, and the breeze. We talked about memories, his in the navy, and mine from Miami.

We also talked about ghosts. He told me that he saw his mom’s ghost in the house last night. It doesn’t scare me, but it does bother me a little bit. (I’m honestly glad I got along with her)

We sat there for about an hour, and talked. It was nice just being together without any distractions. We decided to leave when two cars pulled up. We weren’t sure if we were allowed to be there or not.

On the way home, David made a comment about the smell. It was honeysuckle. It reminded me of Miami in the summertime. Those were happy memories for me.

We weren’t out for long, but we made a memory. We have needed to reconnect, and that helped. Last week we drove to the beach to see the sunrise we didn’t get to see. Lol. It was nice just being together. I have missed that. I’m glad we’re both making an effort.


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