I took this picture in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware a few months ago. To me, it looks like a praying angel. I no longer attend church, because I hate the political crap involving them. But I still have my faith. I believe in a higher power.

I don’t believe in an organization that tells me that I’m going to hell for being bisexual. I was made that way, it was never a choice. And since God made me that way, he has to be ok with it.

My life used to be so black and white. It isn’t anymore. There are no clear lines. I believe that God judges our hearts, and our actions. I try to live by the saying, Do not harm, but take no shit.

Maybe I’m wrong about a higher power, but I have nothing to lose if I am wrong. And I have much to gain by believing it. I need my faith. It’s the only thing that keeps me going sometimes.



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