I’m not always a nice person. There have been times I was the opposite of good. I’m human, and I’ve done dumb things. One of the worst things I’ve done is getting involved with a married man.

I put the temptation out there, and he took me up on it. I never should have done it, but I was in a bad stage in my life. I literally felt like I had nothing to live for at the time.

I have no excuse for what I did. But the one thing I never did, was want, or expect him to leave his wife. I didn’t want a relationship with him. I didn’t want him to be with me. I was content being a booty call.

Here comes the reason for this post. Why do women get involved with married men, and want the guy to be with them? The man has already proven he’s a liar, and a cheat. Why would you subject yourself to that? If he’s already cheated, it’s very likely he’d do it again.

What I also don’t get, is why target married men? Do they enjoy destroying lives? (For the record, I felt horrible when I found out that he was no longer with his wife.) I didn’t target him, he just happened to be at my place one night when I got drunk. I never flirted with him at work, or thought about him in that way.

But it seems some women, and men for that matter, target married people. I suppose some of them think it’s less drama. They aren’t expected to get married. I wasn’t thinking beyond the fact that I was drunk, and I wanted sex.

I don’t get it. I know the cheaters do it because they like the excitement, or want something new. But what do the other women get out of it? Why would you want to tie yourself to someone with no morals? Why would you want to cause so much distress in someone else’s life?

I was once the other woman. I would never do that again. I don’t want that responsibility. I won’t destroy someone else’s marriage. Nothing is worth that.

Even with the experience I had, I don’t understand the women who decide to be the one he/she cheats with. Maybe they think that all they’re worth is someone else’s leftovers. Know your own worth, and leave the taken guys alone.


5 thoughts on “Cheaters

  1. Everyone has their reasons. Each case is different. I can’t speak from experience, but I can think of some reasons.
    1. The experience. People are curious. The “Hey, I wonder what that person’s like.” reason.
    2. They think that it will help the other person. The thought being something like “Oh their spouse doesn’t understand them/their needs, but I do.” (Which is why they think that if the person leaves their spouse and starts a relationship with them, everything will be ‘happily ever after’.
    3. The other person is out to reek havoc in someone’s life for revenge or because they don’t like the other person, so they target their spouse for a little cheating.
    4. The circumstances just happen. Its not intentional, it’s not well thought out, it’s just an opps-ie, and then it leads to “Oh I shouldn’t have done that, but it was so fun. I really want to do it again. One more time couldn’t hurt.”
    Obviously one could go on and on. There have certainly been enough books written on the subject.

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