The Importance of Blogs

You never know who might need to hear your story.

A Journey With You

With the Internet, you never know how far your words will go.

Yesterday, SeaTread Studios (the people who interviewed me and put the video on YouTube) received a letter from a person who had gone on Reddit to say their final good-byes. The letter writer planned on jumping from a radio tower near their home. While they were on Reddit, and in the subcategory schizophrenia, they clicked on a link to a video “about a blogger with schizophrenia” and the person followed the link and watched the trailer and then watched all the videos that SeaTread has put out. The videos changed the mind of the letter writer. S/he decided they wanted to live.

I am that blogger with schizophrenia.

Even though it was a video that changed that person’s mind, the fact is, none of us know who is reading our words, and what state of mind they are…

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