What I think I am is different from how I am seen

I think I’m boring. I have been told that I’m not.

I think that I am not attractive. I have been told that is not true. That I am sexy because of personality, and everything else.

I think that I’m screwed up. I’ve been told that I’m “with it”.

I don’t think that I’m very lovable. But the fact that I have many people who love me proves that wrong.

I think I’m open minded, but I’ve been told that I’m judgmental.

I am shy, and introverted in person. But I’m extroverted online.

My actions have proved that I have not always been faithful. But I have never screwed around on my husband.

I used to think that I was a simple person. But I now know that I am not. I am complicated. I love my soul mate (my husband) but I love other people too. I believe in God, but not religion. I believe in creationism, but also in evolution. I believe in being independent, but I also believe that my husband is the head of the household. I am a homebody that craves adventures. My opinions change. I can believe something one day, and then learn otherwise. I am a work in progress. Things change constantly. I don’t know what my final me will be. I just know that I am not the same person I used to be. If we stop growing, we die. I may not have many years ahead of me, but I will always be learning about the universe, and about myself.


One thought on “What I think I am is different from how I am seen

  1. Always interesting to discover how different you are in the eyes of others and how what you think about yourself ain’t even close to the person they’re seeing!


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