Nervous and excited 

I’m sitting in the parking lot of the mall. I sort of have a date today. I’m going to go see a movie with a woman I met off of Craigslist. And with her daughter too. 

When I asked her if she wanted to see a movie with me, I was surprised that she said yes. I honestly wasn’t expecting that. 

When I was texting her last night, I made sure that she knew that she knew that I was married. I did tell her that my first email, I just wanted to make sure she knew. 

She doesn’t want to be involved with married woman, and I totally get that. But she’s cool with being just friends, and so am I. In fact, it’s a relief. 

So anyway, I feel like this is a big step in my life for some reason. I reached out to another woman, and she responded. 

I have no idea where this will go, or what will happen. But it’s another. stage in my life. I’m nervous, and I’m excited. So, here’s to new adventures. 


4 thoughts on “Nervous and excited 

  1. Smaddy888 says:

    I’ve been a little off the wordpress radar for a while so haven’t read any recent posts! Just curious as to what you hope to gain from meeting her? Is it a romantic thing and is your husband ok with it or do you just want a friendship? I’ve made a few great friends online and its so great to have people on the same wavelength! Anyway no judgement- just curious! Enjoy the movie!


    • I want someone to hang out with. But if it might lead to something else, I’m open to that. My husband knows what’s going on. He’s ok with the friend part, leery of the other.

      I read her post on Craigslist, and I liked her attitude. I just thought she would be an interesting person to get to know. So whatever may happen, I’m up for experiencing it.

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