I mentioned downloading an app. I’ve had some weird results. I got hit on by men right away. I had to block three of them, because they wouldn’t take no for an answer.

When I first checking out the features, I clicked a check mark on someone’s post. I didn’t know that meant I was following them. She followed me back immediately. And proceeded to direct message me, constantly. Within one day, she was calling me her best friend. A few days after that, she sent me a video clip on Instagram of her holding her phone, my picture was on the screen. There was a love song playing in the background, and she kissed my picture on the phone.

That really creeped me out. Maybe that’s typical behavior for her/there (she’s in an Asian country) but it gave me all sorts of warning signs. I told her it made me uncomfortable, and she deleted it.

This morning, I opened the app to check notifications, and she immediately started with the messages. And being very cryptic. I told her I wasn’t playing guessing games, and to say what she had to say.

She kept being weird, and she messaged me 7 times in a minute. My phone was constantly dinging. I had enough. I blocked her on three sites.

A few minutes ago, an egg account (no tweets, no bio, no followers) favorited a tweet of mine, and responded with a blank tweet. I blocked it. And I locked my account. Now my tweets can only be seen by people following me already. No new people can follow without permission. And my bio info is private.

I hate having to do that, but I am not going to be harassed. I talked to her because I thought she needed a friend. But I just couldn’t continue it. I had too many red flags, and my gut was telling me to run. I have had a stalker in real life, I do have a clue about obsessive/abnormal behavior. But, enough is enough.

Damn it, she just messaged me on Instagram under another name. I can’t deal with this.


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