Oh, well…

I was talking to Rob/Kdaddy23 tonight. I was telling him about the Moovz app since he’s bi too. 

I told him about the guys hitting on me there. I asked him if there was anything suggestive about my profile. He said my smile was suggestive. 

My smile is suggestive? I’m just smiling. There’s nothing in my bio to suggest I want attention or flirting. 

I was talking to J the other night, and he said it’s the energy I put out. Really??!?  I get that if they followed me on here or on Twitter, because I do like to talk about sex. But there’s nothing on the app bio for that. 

I honestly don’t get it. So a woman can’t be on a social app, or she can’t smile because people think its flirting? I call BS.

I guess I’m not allowed to look for friends, because everything is sexualized. And I’m bisexual so it goes both ways. Literally. And I wasn’t even trying to make a pun there. 

It’s honestly frustrating. On top of that, I just don’t get it. Oh, well. You never know what will happen next. 


4 thoughts on “Oh, well…

  1. No, no, no – it’s not that anyone thinks you’re flirting but it’s the subliminal “message” your smile (among other things) can send to someone and, yeah, having chatted with you, I know that your words have great power and even more power when the topic of discussion is sex.

    Maybe you don’t want to believe it but that makes you damned attractive to a lot of people because you’re not afraid to talk about something that, usually, women don’t even want to talk about; that makes you different and, so, in this case, makes you damned attractive.

    Deal with it. Your intentions are what they are but you can’t do anything about how you affect others; most people who try to pull this off usually fail, by the way; they try to make themselves “less available” which usually has the opposite effect: It makes you even more desirable to some.

    Like I told you, the words “married” and “bisexual” is a powerful attractant all by themselves; again, it makes you different from most other women and even if you wanna discount the bullshit about bi women, that you’re bisexual says that you have a sexual sense of adventure that’s rare despite its popularity… and no, just because you haven’t done the deed with anyone doesn’t change this perception.

    Never, ever discount what your body language is saying at any given time – even if it’s a smile in a picture… and I wish you’d stop selling yourself short as a woman. I know you’re on a mission to be as good as a wife as you can but you still can’t do shit about how other people see you.

    The thing is that those who see you like this are, in fact, right about what they’re seeing in you – and this is despite your habit of shooting yourself in the foot: You are a very interesting and exciting woman and a very sexual one, too – and you know that I know this so it stands to reason that I can’t be the only one who does. Again, what you intend – which is nothing at all – doesn’t mean anything when you’re dealing with the perceptions of others; you can’t control what they’re thinking and if you don’t like it (and, in a way, you do like it) all you can really do is (a) not like it or (b) just accept that you are, indeed, very attractive and in many ways.

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      • It’s only frustrating when you refuse to accept the truth – all these people (including me) can’t be wrong. I know how you see yourself and you can be so self-deprecating at times… but that doesn’t ever mean that someone else – anyone else – can’t or won’t find you intoxicatingly attracting and in any way you wanna use the word. People just aren’t attracted to what’s on the outside – but you knew this already, just like you know that the person on the outside ain’t even close to the one on the inside and, yep, it can even show in your smile no matter how innocent you think it is.


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