Family outcast

Talk about a crappy day. I now have a stalker. And I just realized that I am being excluded from family. My niece from Germany is visiting her sister in Pennsylvania, about an hour’s drive from me. I wasn’t informed, or asked to visit.

My other niece had been living about 3 miles from me here in town, and she never even bothered saying goodbye when they moved. So the only conclusion I can come to, is that I’m being excluded because I came out as bisexual last year. That really hurts.

I’m the same person I was before I came out. But now, I’m a pariah to my own family. I didn’t think they would be so closed minded.

I used to think that I had it pretty easy when I came out. But I guess my perception didn’t match reality. It wasn’t the outright rejection of my brother unfriending me on Facebook, it’s much more subtle.

This really hurts. Those two were the closest thing I will ever have to being a mother. And now, I’m rejected. Wow. I couldn’t breathe just now, because I was hyperventilating. I now have a clue what being rejecting for being me feels like. And this is why I don’t tell my mother that I’m bisexual.


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