Here I go again…

I’m in a weird position again. I’m attracted to someone I work with who is way, way, way too young. I wouldn’t do anything, anyway, but the attraction is there.

I thought she was bisexual, but today she said she was pansexual. (A pansexual is attracted to a person no matter what gender they identify as) I kind of like knowing that I was right, not that it matters.

I’m not even sure what I am attracted to, other than her personality. But I know I am attracted. I just can’t believe this happened twice in a year. I’m not trying to feel that way about anyone, much less about someone so damn young.

Life is weird. I don’t go looking for anything, but I always seem to find it. I know one person would say that I put that energy out there. I don’t do anything, except go to work.

So, I have no idea why this is happening. I would not do anything. But maybe, once again, I’m needed as a friend. Maybe my calling in life is to be that friend. I have no idea.


2 thoughts on “Here I go again…

  1. You’ll figure it out. Just remember that it’s okay to be attracted to someone and all you have to do is accept that you are – it doesn’t mean you have to do anything else about it. If you’re just to be a friend, be a friend and nothing more – don’t make yourself nuts overthinking any of it.

    Why does it happen? It just does; sometimes – and especially when we’re married – we act as if we can never be attracted to someone else for any reason but it just doesn’t work like that and being attracted or someone being attracted to us is just part of being human. That we try to eliminate this is just crazy because, again, the only time you can get into any “trouble” is if you do anything about it other than to say, “I’m attracted to her personality!”

    Attraction doesn’t care about the morality of age and the only think you’d have to worry about is whether or not she’s legally old enough for you to socially interact with her – say, she’s 20 years younger than you, for example. It might make you feel weird – it makes a lot people feel weird in this scenario – but it also helps to teach you about attraction: It’s not always what we think it is and never happens when we think it should. Besides, there’s no such thing as too many friends, is there?

    You’ll figure it out…

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    • At least I’m attracted to someone who isn’t straight and wouldn’t get all bent out of shape because of it. Both times it has happened, the females are attracted to other females.


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