Afternoon delight

When David and I were still newlyweds, I worked midnight shift, and he worked days. Many days, I’d come home and wake him up. Then we would have sex. He’d get up, shower and go to work.

One day he called me, and told me he was coming home for lunch. I started cooking spaghetti for him. When he got home, he wasn’t interested in food. He barely gave me time to turn off the stove before he dragged me into the bedroom. He went into full caveman mode. Lol

He wanted sex, and he wanted it right then and there. So, we had sex. (On a side note, I told that story to a friend, and he got offended on my behalf. I was a willing partner, I wasn’t forced)

Anyway, all morning, my husband was at his job, cleaning out a back store room. The women working up front were talking about sex all morning. And they knew he was back there. They didn’t care. So, by lunch time, he was all worked up.

I certainly didn’t mind the surprise booty call. I was just more ticked that I cooked a meal that he wasn’t interested in because he didn’t have the time.

We’ve had sex many times over the last 22 years, but that was certainly one of the more memorable times. He did go full on caveman, and I enjoyed it.


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