Needing a friend

I had a five hour long phone/yahoo conversation tonight. With a male friend. And I behaved myself. (That took some effort)

I met Bob on Twitter a short time ago. He’s easy to talk to, and I like talking to him. It was nice to just talk to him while I was doing my usual of flipping between Facebook and Twitter.

He’s my age, and an introvert like I am. Other than our personality type, we don’t have a lot in common. But we talked. It’s nice to have an adult conversation without expectations.

We have clicked. That’s both comforting, and frightening at the same time. The last two times I clicked, it has led to trouble. I’m not going to let that happen again. I can be friends without the extra baggage.

Once again, I believe things happen for a reason. I needed a friend, and he happened to appear. He needed a friend too. I’m not sure why I said hi to him, but I did. And, I’m glad I did.

Life is ironic. My first boyfriend’s name was Bob. I am not inclined to like anyone with that name. But, I like this Bob. I did need a friend. And he has become one. I know he wishes I could misbehave like I have in the past, but he respects that I can’t. I’m not going to fool myself, I know it could have become sexual, but I won’t allow that. He’s ok with that. And I’m glad. It helps to have someone to talk to.


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