Not worried now

Last week, I wrote about a post about being worried about my friend. I just kept thinking about her, and having a feeling that something was wrong. I talked to her the other day, she’s fine. But she had a death in the family. I was picking up some sort of distress, but it wasn’t because she was hurt.

I don’t claim to be psychic, but sometimes the feelings I get make sense. She was on my mind so much last week. There was a reason for it. I’m glad she’s safe. I wish she wasn’t dealing with the loss.

It was nice being able to talk to her for a while. She made me laugh. It is such a damn relief to know that she is ok.

It’s amazing how you can worry about someone you’ve never met in person. I will probably never meet her, but she’s still important to me. She is a friend. She is just one of the few people I have clicked with. I don’t get to speak with her often, but that’s ok. As long as she’s safe, and happy, I’m good with knowing that.


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