I’m me, and that’s all I can be

So many people struggle with their body image. I know I’m fat. I know I’m middle aged, and I know I have the wrinkles to prove it. But I also know that I have the ability to turn some people on in spite of those facts.

The reason is my personality. Although I’m shy and introverted, I’m open when it comes to sex and sexuality. I don’t get all moral about it. I enjoy participating in it, and talking about it.

Imagination is more important than appearance. A woman could look gorgeous, but if she’s insecure, it negates the image. A larger woman with confidence can be sexy as hell, because the beauty comes from within.

Who would you rather be with: a woman who worries about everything (what she eats, what she looks like, etc) or someone who is happy, and just enjoys life? The happy person is more attractive to me.

Frankly, I kind of struggle with the fact that I do have to ability to turn someone on. I don’t get it. But I know it’s there. My voice especially, seems to have that effect.

I’m a story in contradictions. There is nothing typical about me that society/the media pushes on us as beautiful. I’m not. But some people do see past appearances, and see the person.

Society tell me that I have to be skinny. That I have to have flawless skin. That I have to have white teeth. That I have to be those things to be loved. I’m big, I have freckles and scars. I am not perfect. And I don’t care. I am loved. And even if I wasn’t, it would not make me lacking as a human being.

My worth as a person does not equate to the money I spend on trying to make myself fit what businesses throw at me. I do what feels good to me. I don’t rid myself of every single body hair. I don’t wear make up. And I don’t even own a pair of heels. And hey….guess what? My husband thinks I’m perfect anyway. I think he’s nuts, but I’m glad he’s nuts for me. ☺

You wouldn’t look at me and assume I’m some sort of femme fetale. Could I turn someone else’s man on? There’s a good chance of it.

Once again, I start a post, and have no idea where I’m going with it. I’m no beauty according to the media. Do I need to be? Hell, no. I’m content with being me, and letting everyone else be who they are. You can love me, hate me, or never pay me one thought. It makes no difference to me.



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