When I was sweet and innocent

So…once upon a time, I was sweet and innocent. My first job was as a waitress in a rather dingy diner in Miami. I had very little experience with men.

One day I kissed the cook, because I was curious. I didn’t like it, because he was a chain smoker. Well, that cook decided I was going to have sex with him. I told him no.

He proceeded to do everything in his power to get me fired. He had been there so long, he thought he special rights. He ended up being so unreasonable, he got himself fired. A few months later, I quit.

Also at this first job, there was a security guard who used to come in. He found out that I didn’t know how to drive (I was 20) and he offered to teach me. He had the idea to pick me up from work, get a pizza, and then he’d show me how in the parking lot of the condo complex he worked at.

He picked me up, we got the pizza, then we went to the clubhouse of the complex. He had a key. He unlocked the building, and locked it once we were in. That was my first red flag, and I ignored it.

We ate the pizza, and we talked. Afterwards, I kissed him. It wasn’t unpleasant. But he mentioned his wife. That was an immediate no no to me. I wanted to leave. I couldn’t because he grabbed my wrist in a death grip. He proceeded to jerk off while holding my wrist. I was terrified.

I was in this locked building with a man I didn’t really know, and he was furiously masturbating. I have never been so grateful in my life to see such a small dick. If he had the actual equipment, he probably would have raped me instead of just jerking off.

Once he was done, I insisted that he take me home. I just wanted to get out of there so bad. He took me to my neighborhood, and I made me drop me off on the corner. I never wanted to see him again. I got home, and took a shower because I felt so soiled.

At my second job, there was a cook there I thought was attractive. I kissed him out of curiosity. It wasn’t bad. He wanted to have sex with me, but I wasn’t interested. I made the mistake of telling him that I was a virgin, hoping that he would respect that, and leave me alone.

It had the opposite effect. It just made him want me more. He proceeded to harass me. He followed me into the stock room, pulled the door shut, and groped me. I told the managers, and they only told him to apologize.

He continued To bother me, but he didn’t touch me again. He ended up getting tossed back into jail for violating his probation. He called me at work from jail (I still don’t know how)

I was actually afraid he would try to rape me. I didn’t want my first time to happen like that. There was another cook there that I liked, and he was really hot. He was interested with me, and we flirted. I kissed him a few times, and I really liked it.

One night I gave him a ride home from work. Somehow we got on the subject of sex. When I got to his place, I told him that if he had a condom, we could go somewhere. He ran inside, and came right back out again.

I drove to a cornfield, and we got busy. Ok, this was August in south Florida. It was hot. I wasn’t ready, but he went ahead. And he was big. So it was painful.

The heat lightning in the sky was more interesting than the sex. Yet somehow, we did it twice in the back of a Toyota Celica hatchback.

I got mostly dressed, dropped him off, and went home. My mother opened the front door. I was holding my panty hose and shoes in my hand. She had to know what happened, but she didn’t say a word.

I had sex a few more times with him. We weren’t in a relationship. He never really asked me out on a date. He did ask me to his birthday party, but I had somewhere I had to be. To this day, I wonder what would have happened if we had actually dated.

I will never know. A couple of months later, I decided to move to Delaware. I was still worried about the other guy, and what he might do.

Life is weird. I made some bad choices, but I wasn’t seriously harmed by them. And it all led up to me moving to Delaware (the first time). I ended up meeting my husband here, so everything worked out like it was supposed to.


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