Don’t point your dirty finger at me

I’m not a fake person. What I write here is my truth. I’m sure I get judged, it is human nature. But, I really don’t care what other people think of me. The only person’s opinion that matters to me, is my husband’s.

The things I do can hurt him sometimes, and I’m sorry that happens. But, I’m not perfect, I don’t pretend to be. But I am honest with him. I don’t lie. I don’t give him half truths.

It irritates me when someone thinks they do have the right to judge me, especially when they are far from being a saint. They can point out their “truth” but they can’t accept their own. When their faults are pointed out, they try bringing up something else on me. Yeah, I don’t play that game.

I don’t owe anyone, except my husband, any apologies, or any explanations. What I do is no one else’s business. Yes, I write about it here, so I’m putting out there. Writing is my therapy, it helps me process things. You have a right to your opinion about me, but I have the right not to want to hear it.

judge me

I am not perfect. I do not act like I am. I am a very flawed individual. When you’re perfect, you can judge me.


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