I’m a feminist. I’ve been one since I was in high school. But today, I discovered I like being dominated by my husband. I actually liked submitting to him. And that is so contrary to my nature.

A few days ago, he caught me doing something I shouldn’t have been doing. He was hurt by it. Today, I woke him up by touching him, and going down on him. When we went to have sex, he spanked me. Hard. He took his aggression out on my butt cheeks. I liked it.

It hurt, but I enjoyed it. There is a fine line between pleasure and pain. He didn’t cross the line. I trust him not to.

When we were snuggling after, he started lightly biting my back, and rubbing his stubble on me. And he growled. It turned me on again. I like bringing out the animal in him.

Then he had me on my back, with his hand at my throat. I have a major phobia about anything being near my neck, but I submitted to it. I trust him completely, and that’s the only way I didn’t panic.

It’s all about trust. I submit, knowing that he has the power to hurt me, but trusting that he doesn’t. It’s oddly satisfying to give up control.

I’m not a submissive person by nature. I get aggressive when I want sex. I’m not afraid to initiate things. I get things started, but I like letting him lead me from there.

Sex is fun. And a little kink adds some spice to things. The pain is only temporary, and it adds some excitement. I would never allow myself be beaten, but some stinging butt cheeks heighten the pleasure. The contrast between the pleasure and the pain makes the pleasure more intense.

So, I like being dominated by my husband. I liked being reminded that we are animals by nature. And I love knowing that he loves and respects me, and wouldn’t cause me serious pain. It is contrary to being a feminist, but then again, it isn’t. We’re equals when it comes to sex. I want it, and he gives it to me.

And, sometimes I just like being traditional. After we were done, I cooked us breakfast. Sex, orgasm, snuggling and breakfast. The world would be a better place if everyone could achieve that.


One thought on “Submission

  1. Feminism by definition is to defend that men and women are socially, professionally and intellectually equal. It is to fight for the rights of women to earn as much as men for the same job, to have the same rights as them, etc.
    Enjoying submission during sex has nothing to do with feminism 🙂 don’t worry about that 😉


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