You’re safe from me

I was at work the other day. Two other employees were talking about lesbians. How they stand out. And how they couldn’t understand the attraction for the same sex. I just listened, and didn’t say anything.

One cashier got a customer, and left the conversation. The other one went on about it. I finally said something. I told her I was bisexual. And that it wasn’t a choice. People were born that way.

She proceeds to tell me that it is a choice, and that you can pray away the gay. I just laughed at her.

Then she starts going on about how she couldn’t handle it if a lesbian hit on her. I almost laughed in her face. She’s bug eyed, and has buck teeth. I’m pretty sure a self respecting lesbian would NOT hit on her.

I am attracted to men, and to women, but I have my preferences too. I am not attracted to everyone. Especially not to someone with a nasty attitude.


8 thoughts on “You’re safe from me

  1. Isn’t it funny how some straight ppl think that lesbians want every woman we see and every gay man wants every man they see? And as far as praying away the gay, ppl need to be trying pray away all this hate, ignorance and intolerance.

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