Waiting for the NFL season

I can’t wait for the start of the NFL season this year. The Miami Dolphins’ first game is going to be in Washington, DC. and I want to go. Fans are going to try to do a takeover similar to the MetLifeTakeover. It won’t be as big, but I’m sure it will be fun.

I don’t think there is anything more fun, than making an away game a home game for our team. We had over 1,100 Dolfans at Metlife last December. It was fun.

I have social anxiety, and I have a fear of crowds. But being in a group of fellow fans really helps with the anxiety. The camaraderie is awesome.

The Dolphins are also playing in Philadelphia, but I keep hearing too many bad things about their fans. My anxiety levels would be off the charts there. Plus, it’s also too close to the MetLife game, and I’m not missing that one.

I’m looking forward to this football season. The Dolphins have made several moves. Things are looking up. I can’t wait.


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