Why I came out

I have been asked why I had to come out as bisexual for everyone to know. I did it because I didn’t want to hide who I am. But there may have been a bigger purpose to it. My nephew posted something on Facebook tonight, and I think he might be bisexual as well. Of course, I gave him my support.

Share your story, you never know who might be inspired by it. I know it helped me to find people going through similar things. It really helps to not feel so alone.

I came out because I wanted to weed out the homophobes. If people hated me because of my sexuality, I wanted them out of my life. And I lost a few so called friends. It hurt, but life goes on.

I came out because it took me 46 years to finally accept who I am. I was tired of hiding. I was tired of feeling like a freak.

I came out for me. But maybe by being me, I can help someone else out. Life is funny, and you never know where things will lead.


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